Monday Deep Basketball Thoughts

David Stern Making College Basketball Better?

There has been chatter that David Stern may look to extend the stay of high school graduates to two years in college and really piss off those youngsters looking to make millions by their 19th birthday. I definitely have some mixed feelings on this idea which would not go into effect until at least 2011.

My biggest issue is the fact that by taking away 2 years from these kids, you are also potentially taking away a lot of money that may not be available 2 years from now. Injuries and poor performance in a system that may not fit the player’s style could have a negative effect. Most college programs are not built with an NBA offense and many of the top college basketball players do not translate into good pros. If a kid coming out of high school has a ton of hype around his potential, he may risk losing that hype by sticking around the college ranks for 2 years.

Of course if a player DOES stay in college, they tend to turn into a more mature player which could, in the long run, help out an NBA career. The college game also sees a return with the fact that the game is so much more entertaining to watch with older, more mature players. Tyler Hansbrough may not become an NBA All-Star, but he should has made college basketball fun to watch again hasn’t he?

The 1 year program was a great idea from the NBA, but I’m just not so sure that taking away another year’s worth of earnings from someone is a logical step. Maybe it’s about time we pay college athletes?

Are the Houston Rockets Legit?


Tracy McGrady and his loveable Houston Rockets have been quite the story and I have enjoyed watching their miraculous run as much as the next fan. I’m just not so sure this will continue on come playoff time.

It’s like a “feel” test with the Rockets. When you sit back objectively, do you really feel like they are a championship contender? No Yao Ming and a leader who has never been out of the first round of the playoffs do not say much to me.

They have some nice role players, but do they have role players like Derek Fisher or Bruce Bowen who have been there and done that and won championships? Has Rick Adelman really proven himself as an elite coach over the last 10 years? Are we positive Rafer Alston won’t be “skipping” into jail anytime soon? Is Luis Scola’s hair really prettier than Mike Miller’s? I keep answering “no” to all of these questions.

The NCAA Tourney is Life?


I’m actually PTO’ing Thursday and Friday to pounce onto a bar stool with 10+ HD TV’s blasting in every ear on my bubbly little head! Oh the tourney! It will be one long weekend that’s for sure. I’m even skipping St. Patty’s tonight to prepare for the long haul that is awaiting.

Thursday’s Itinerary:

  • Bus to local Portland State bar to join buddy and act as a loyal fan. (Look at me being responsible in 2 ways!)
  • Bloody Mary & chicken-fried steak for breakfast to lather up Mr. Gut.
  • Pitchers of Mirror Pond Pale Ale until lunch.
  • Streetcar to local “yuppie bar” for lunch to escape “college drunk guy bar.”
  • Enjoy rest of day with pitchers of something Belgian or possibly gin and tonics. (We’ll see how Mr. Gut is holding up)
  • Girlfriend leaves work and joins the fun.
  • We order her a late afternoon Bloody Mary (her fav) and catch her up on the upsets and ridiculous buzzer beaters of the day. (We’ll probably be talking REALLY LOUD TOO at this point)
  • I attempt to eat dinner. (Burger! Ok, probably salad so I don’t pass out in the booth)
  • Ride home with GF and think about blogging. (Can you imagine what might come out of me?)
  • Sleep. (Thanks IKEA!)

Friday’s Itinerary:

  • (See Thursday)

Winning your Work NCAA Bracket Pool

Stop picking upsets! The bracketologists have done the work for you by seeding every single team. They know a lot more than you do remember? If you pick high seeds in almost every game, you’ll dominate. I’m sure all week you will hear the guy in the office next door bragging about Coppin State or Drake, but once the first weekend is over, he’ll already be out of the money. Sucker.

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