MJ-esque Girl Banned from Boys Basketball Team

As Portland natives, this story struck a special note with us…

Jaime Nared is not your typical 12 year old girl. She stands very tall at about 6ft 1 inches and played on a sixth grade boys basketball team for The Hoop, a private basketball facility that hosts leagues in Beaverton, OR. She was recently banned from playing on that team any further because of her gender. The Hoop sites that the mixed-gender rule is documented on coaches’ contracts and such. The Hoop also quoted that the rule has always been there but may have been overlooked the past couple years, and now that there is new management, the rule must be enforced.

Many, including her parents and coach, think that other teams’ participants and parents are the ones to blame. She has the talent of girls years older than her and boys too. She has made some amazing three pointers and behind-the-back passes that far surpass the level of playing with other boys her age. She has been playing on this team for the simple reason that the boys play a more fast-paced game and are more her skill level than girls her age. (She once played on a girls team her age and they won 90-7.) That shows you how talented this one girl can be.

Jaime comes from a family of ball players. Her older sister Jackie, played at Westview High School in Beaverton last year, was the leading 6A scorer, and will attend the University of Maryland on a basketball scholarship. Her father also played ball in college at Maryland. While Jaime’s future plans include finishing the sixth grade, hanging with friends, and playing ball, several university level coaches have been in contact with her coach already.

We at Le Basketbawl look forward to hearing about Jaime’s future playing career and maybe even getting to see her play locally.

The story covered here by ABC’s Good Morning America.

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