"Michelle you look great tonight girl!"

I love Kevin Garnett but he officially scared the hell out of me tonight! Did you see Michelle Tafoya trying to interview him right after the buzzer sounded at half court? He went off on some crazy rant, looked at the camera with evil eyes, told Michelle she “looked great” and then screamed really loud in to the air. It was freakin’ amazing! I just about hid under my blanket in fear while laughing hysterically.

And did you notice the tape delay on the game? ABC/ESPN clearly understood that KG has the filthiest mouth on the planet and also knew there would be way too many mics surrounding him. When the 3 stars for Boston went to the bench with 5+ minutes to go, the cameras kept panning over to the bench to get as many shot as possible of Ray, Paul and Kevin. Not such a good idea I would say.

The announcers would be in mid-sentence with the cameras on KG when the sound would just cut out for 10 seconds at a time and all you could see was Garnett’s mouth running 100 MPH giving us some of the rowdiest lip-reading you could ask for.

Then the game ended and the 3 met at half court for another solid 10 second silent performance. It just kept happening and kept happening and I just kept laughing my ass off. Good work on the delay ESPN. Did I mention that KG scares me?

If anyone has video of this, I’d love to have it!

More adjustable in-ground basketball goals!

And thank you Alex of Basketball Notes by Alex (NBATipoff.com) for the video this morning!


  1. Garnett’s reaction should have been expected by those who follow the NBA closely. All the frustration that was pent up inside he was able to let out and sure it was strange and incoherent, but it was nice to see a good guy of the game finally get his due.

  2. That was probably the best post-game interview ever! The NBA won’t be the same with the chip off KG’s shoulder.


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