Michael Jordan Sues Former Mistress

The greatest basketball player of all-time Michael Jordan, has sued a Meadville, PA woman who claims that Jordan fathered her young son. You can think about adding MJ to this list pretty soon!

The woman, Lisa Miceli, has allegedly been sending Michael hundreds of threatening emails and voicemails that have become “increasingly” more violent over time. The woman spam began in August 2005 just after MJ had participated in DNA testing that proved he was not the father to this crazy woman’s child!

Here is her blog
! This lady is nuts! Does her most recent post make any freakin’ sense whatsoever? I got about half way through and my blood pressure went through the roof.

This is big news for the small town of Meadville and should get this town all riled up over such celebrity gossip. The Meadville Tribune has blinking “BREAKING NEWS” all over it with this one!

Ok so we won’t add “His Airness” to the exclusive list just yet but we can still wonder!


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  1. i heard about this, but never read about the blog. jeez, her posts go on forever and doesn’t make sense. certified crazy.


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