Michael Jordan: The Mistress Blog Chronicles

Last night we made an initial post about Michael Jordan and the fact that he is suing a former mistress who has been threatening him for quite some time now (Who sues a mistress!). The mistress, Lisa Miceli, has claimed that MJ fathered her child and owes her all kinds of money for child support and who knows what else. Well Jordan did the right thing and consented to a DNA test back in 2005 only to come away clean as not being the father.

You would have figured the saga was over at this point, but think again! The woman ends up being remarkably crazy and has been harassing MJ since the DNA test was passed. She has been spamming him with voicemails and emails that have become more threatening and violent over time. So what else was left for MJ to do? He went to court and decided to sue her!

We were in the middle of the post last night when we stumbled onto her blog but did not have a chance to dig really deep into it. Well after about 5 minutes worth of reading her material, you can really get the picture right away. This woman is freakin’ nuts and provides some amazing material that you can laugh at for days! We felt it only reasonable that we break out with some excerpts from her blog, present them to you, and attempt to give a proper response to its loveliness. Here we go!

The first one is by far my favorite: This is Lisa trashing on someone she obviously doesn’t like all that much.

“And MJ will give me tickets to his events like MJ and I planned… not you.. he did not know you.. he called you bowlegs… and I am the one with the horse..not you…..”

Response: (speechless) Oh lord! Next!

The second: She brought out the dictionary on this one! (But still forgot the spell check button)

“So, very very cruel people… who keep perpetuating the hate… I am not suppose to get married and have a high paying job… I need to be labeled a MISTRESS FOR LIFE AND NOT MAKE ANY MONEY due to discriminaiton and harassment issues…”

Response: Once a mistress, always a mistress honey.

The third: Lisa started going to church?

“We, who??? You… since you want to make Michael Jordan make you a living over his own girlfriend that he chose… and did not show up for a job interview or meet at the SYNAGOGUE TO GET A HIGH PAYING JOB THAT YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED FOR???”

Response: I don’t think “Mistress” should be on your resume when you go to a synagogue Lisa. Is Jordan Jewish?

The fourth: Charles Barkley time!

“MJ knows this, and so does the police dept in most of the counties that I was with MJ… in addiition, Charles Barkley saw me adn commented on me being with MJ…”

Response: I can just imagine what Charles said…”Mike, WHAT THE HELL you doing with this crazy chick?!? When’s our tee-time?”

I challenge you to find time to read more of this! It just gets better the farther back you go. Make sure to read the story from Vegas, it’s a doozy!

Lisa Miceli Blog

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