The Miami Heat suck.

The Miami Heat have hit an all-time low. Seriously. They just lost to the New York Knicks, at home.

In the middle of a 7 game home stand, the Heat have dropped the first 3 games and it looks to just keep getting worse. To finish it out, they host Cleveland, San Antonio, Indiana and then Boston; they will lose all of these. Miami now has the second worse record in the league only ahead of Minnesota who could probably take down them down at this point.

Miami has now lost 13 games in a row since squeaking out a win against Utah on December 22nd. This home stand was supposed to be the saving grace to the Heat season before the All-Star break, but that has proven to be extremely wishful thinking. I’m really not sure that they will win another game until maybe mid-February when they get the Sixers at home.

Dwyane Wade has shown flashes of his old self over the last couple of weeks, but Shaq-fu continues to wash away into pre-retirement. It’s too bad that the Diesel is completely untradeable with his $20 million per year contract and broken down body. Wade deserves better than this.

Off-season moves destroyed this team and I’m not sure it can be fixed any time soon. Who trades for Ricky freaking Davis? The guy is a plague on any roster. Remember now, this is the guy that shot at an opponent’s basket in order to get the final rebound needed to complete the only triple double of his pathetic career. He took the Boston Celtics in the the dumpster, made the Minnesota Timberwolves so horrible that they actually decided to trade away KG, and now has taken a championship caliber team into the basement of a sub-par eastern conference.

I feel bad for Dwyane Wade, but can’t say that I’m all that surprised.

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