Mello Yellow

Ever look at your pee when your dehydrated? That nice dark yellow? That is how much Mello Yellow means to me. Carmello Anthony….Will you do a TV show like the King? I can’t wait for the Chuck comments to start! Its the second week of the season and I’m SICK OF IT!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We all know it is a forgone conclusion you will go to NY. Spike Lee can drool over you but I would rather drink my concentrated pee. 

ESPN continues beating on the DRUM. Guess what? Mello Yellow is in Chicago and he is focusing on being a “Nugget”. Wow, thank you ESPN for  this wonderful and insightful reporting. It makes my life as a “fill in” knockoff blogger much easier. Especially when I don’t have any Lakers filler. Oh….wait I do but I won’t gloat as Pau Gasol had a triple double….

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