Mavericks Beat Thunder in Convincing Fashion – 48 Points for Dirk

JJ Barea was on fire! The Midget scored 24 points. This gave the ESPN announcers plenty of time to heap sick amount of praise on this Puerto Rican wonder. Add to that Nowitzki’s 48 point showing and the Mavericks had control for most of this game. At one point they were up 16 points. The veteran Mavs team look confident and strong. Whereas the OKC youngsters look a tad nervous and a lil slow on defense. Dirk gave them fits and they rotated 4 different players in an attempt to guard him. It is difficult to defend a 7 footer who can hit a fade-a-way jumper on a dime. He is the best 7 foot shooter in the history of the Association.

Shawn Merion was elbo’d early on be Kendrick Perkins and had cotton stuffed up his nose for the majority of the game (elbo was accidental). Marion did foul out but played a strong role — 11 pts, 7 boards. Jason Terry dropped 24 and looked energetic and sharp with his jumpers. Especially with that 3 at the end of the game to seal the deal. The Mavs bench layed down 53 points. Solid bench play– that is the making of a champion.

OKC didn’t role over and die. They kept it respectable down the stretch. Westbrook dropped 17 whereas Durant had 40 points. Durant played strong and even created some nice shots for his teammates– in particular for Ibaka (17 pts) and Perkins (5 pts). For as strong as Durant looked his star power was overshadowed by Dirk. Scottie Brooks was fired up once the game concluded. He simply reiterated the lack of defense control on Barea and Nowitzki.

Game 2 should be a doozy on Thursday. This is gonna be one hell of a series…

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