Mark Cuban Takes on the Hornets

Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks is opening his mouth about the horrible situation in New Orleans. The Hornets are on the verge of moving for the second time in a decade and Cuban is not happy about it. In fact, he’s taking direct aim at New Orleans owner George Shinn. The Hornets need to average over 14000 fans a night through the 2008-09 season or they may be leaving New Orleans.

“Somebody’s got to get off their ass and sell tickets,” Cuban said earlier this month. “They’ve got the best record in the Western Conference and they can’t get people to come? That’s not New Orleans, that’s effort. There’s enough people. There’s enough basketball fans to get 16, 17,000 people to come, even if they’re weekend games. So they have bad nights Monday and Tuesday.”

Cuban turned around the Dallas Mavericks by working his tail off and thinks that the Hornets can be saved if someone down in the bayou actually took control. I got to think when Cuban speaks his mind, he’s usually got a great point to make. You might want to pay attention New Orleans fans!

The rest of the article can be read here.


  1. cuban is right but for my own sake am hoping the hornets relocate back to oklahoma city to enable an nba team being closer to oneself.

    wonderful blog.

  2. Tough for me to say no to that, I’m fortunate enough to have the Blazers back to being relevant. At least you have your choice of either the Sonics or Hornets 🙂


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