Magic Is One Whiny Lil’ Bitch

Other then the impending lockout and NBA draft their ain’t too much going on. Granted, we have radio personalities in Cleveland naming their kids after Dirk Diggler but I digress. Onto the bitch we call Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Magic is feuding with old school NBA writer Peter Vecsey. I myself am a touch “throwback” as I subscribe to daily delivery of the NY Post. I like to hold the fine print in my hands. I particularly like reading the smut filled Post. I read Peter Vecsey daily and though he does get a lil’ wild from time to time he is a good writer. He makes valid points and his Magic Johnson observation is spot f’in on. Here is Vecsey’s direct quote courtesy of balljunkie:

A former player finds it unreal for Magic Johnson to go an entire Finals as an ABC analyst without offering the slightest insight whatsoever. “I assume he remembers something about the game”

Magic Johnson SUCKS as a analyst for the NBA. Maybe he should take lessons from my ball licking idol Charles Barkley! So Magic stop acting like a lil’ bitch and learn to accept critism. Embrace it, you know what they say… bad news is better then no news at all.


  1. @peter – since when are legends beyond reproach?

  2. And yeah Peter Vecsey is an a hole sometimes but i appreciate honesty.If a person was a great basketball player doesn’t mean that anything he does is holy territory.


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