Luol Deng is Bigger than David Beckham?


Who knew right? Who knew that Luol Deng, the #2 or maybe even #3 guy on the Chicago Bulls was bigger than Becks! According to the Brits and one of their papers, Daily Mail

, Luol Deng is an “NBA Superstar”, is “bigger that David Beckham”, “Posh Spice” and has become a “household name” here in the states! Hell, this is news to me. At least Britain sure knows what’s happening with the NBA here in the U.S., because without them, I may as well have shut down this blog.

I’m not sure that we have ever had one topic on Luol Deng since he’s pretty much never done a thing worth writing about. Has he even made an All-Star team yet? OK, I don’t need to answer that question and neither do you. (He did have Kobe’s eye though!)

This paper is so on top of things; it even informed me that Ben Gordon, his teammate, is a fellow “A-lister”! I love UConn and Gordon, but come on with this one guys.

Check out this gem of a quote from the article on Deng: “He‘s a great player and part of the reason for the Chicago Bulls’ success. They have managed to get back to genuine contenders and he‘s had a lot to do with that.”

Contenders? Huh? Once again, I was informed that a 33-49 team is a legitimate force to be reckoned with! Man, you crazy Brits; I had no idea you were such huge NBA fans!

Just so you know, the article is not all garbage. It does touch on Deng’s participation on their national team and hopes of a 2012 Olympic bid. (The 2012 Olympics are going to be hosted by London.) It also talks about him trying to finagle Gordon into joining him since they both have British ties. I’m still guessing that with the both of them on the team, they’ll miss out on a bid. These guys can’t carry a team in the NBA’s weakest conference let alone on the World stage.

Anyways, thanks for the fantastic laugh!


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  1. this was a retarted blog post. you’re an idiot. how about you post the article that you are making fun of when you reference it. the bulls were considered contendors early last year, and are now. they have a good young team and deng is a major part of that. totally not worth making fun of my man. how about you read some american articles on soccer over in the uk? idiot.


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