A Little NBA Season End Venting

The regular season wrapped last week, the playoffs are well underway, and I’m a little frustrated. The season itself was fantastic and I have zero complaints about it, but now that it is over I’ve become almost annoyed with the lack of creativity I’ve seen. Just because the playoffs start doesn’t mean we all have to beat things to death with 1000 same topic posts, do we?

How many “My vote for MVP goes to…” posts can you possibly have? At some point don’t you start wondering if anyone is going to care? I mean, people started writing these in week 2 calling Dwight Howard the MVP and by the end of the season and 15,000 posts later, the majority had switched over to either Kobe or CP3. So now we are onto looking for the simplest little tweak or bias to our post to try and get people to see our vision? It’s not up to us!

How many “Tonight’s playoff preview…” posts can you possibly have? I understand that there are few games right now and being playoff games they are always exciting, but why does each person need to write their own game preview? Doesn’t ESPN, SI, Yahoo, and every other major website or newspaper do this for us already? Throwing your own flair into it must be the reason, right?

How many “Kobe and the Aston Martin…” posts can you possibly have? I actually thought the initial video was pretty lame. I’ve seen this stunt done by skateboards and extreme sport guys for years. Maybe because Kobe got all “thugged” out with Heart-Man Turiaf it became a hit? And someone posted a “failed” version? And now a Kenny Smith TNT version? Zzzzzzz. (Ok the Kenny version was a little funny with the wrong foot part.)

What am I enjoying right now? Ball Don’t Lie’s daily caption contests, anything Empty the Bench is running, Hardwood’s NBA Blogger Awards, the Cavs-Wizards series, not watching baseball, and all this ‘Soulja Boy’ Stevensen stuff.


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  1. I feel the pain…

    I extremely proud of Kobe though for all he has been through and for turning things around so well.

    Hope it carries through to the finals and to the rest of his career…


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