LINKBAWL: Weekend Edition

  • Ball Don’t Lie interviews a guy who’s goal was to visit every single NBA arena this year, and he is on the verge of doing it. Check it out here!
  • Sports Sayers on the rumor that David Stern will make high school ballers stay 2 years in college soon instead of just 1. 2011 maybe?
  • Rip Hamilton, and one, to seal the deal against the reigning Champs.
  • Celtic’s Blog chatting it up with Frank of Brew Hoop. I always love a little blog on blog love especially between Eastern rivals!
  • Of course I had to put something in here about Gisele and LeBron. Here you go!


  1. Kellex:

    I’m starting a fund to raise money for the rest of Drew’s trips this season. He and I are setting it up today. Details coming soon.


  2. thanks for the link


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