LINKBAWL: 7/1/08

Wow…LINKBAWL just returned! For whatever reason, I hadn’t found much time for LINKBAWL but the time has come for it to make it’s come back and start dishing out some link love to the amazing-ness that is the NBA basketball blog-o-sphere!

  • Everyone thank the On Deck Circle for putting together a quick reference guide to the NBA’s free agency.
  • Someone explain to me why a guy that has 2 knee surgeries in just a few months, plays 13 games in a year, and is not missed by his team is worth over $100 million?
  • Sports Tsar wondering if being happy as a Clippers fan is possible.

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  1. linkbawl and abraham linkin both back doin the damn thang

    thanks for the link bud


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