LINKBAWL: 3/3/08

• Check out my girl Carolyn of the And One blog guest blogging at Cavaliers Court during the Bulls vs. Cavs game! LeBron takes over this game as always; check out the mean facial on Luol Deng. Drrrrr.

Scott Van Pelt Style discusses whether Kwame Brown is the biggest bust ever or the best pick ever in the NBA.

SPORTSbyBROOKS giving us the low-down on a 194 point effort by the East Kentucky Miners. Yes 194.

Patrick Ewing a head coach?

Basketbawful’s Worst of the Weekend.

• Ok, everyone just stared at me…damnit! Please try not to laugh out loud at work like I just did.

• Jason Kidd hands one over to the Lakers. So far the Gasol trade is working best out west.

• Phoenix loses at home to the SIxers; Shaq trade officially a bust? Larry Brown Sports has your answer.

• More of Jason Kidd’s fabulous new girlie, Hope Dworaczyk.

• My boy Jeff at Slam Dunk Central putting the ‘DIVA’ tag all over Larry Hughes!

• Steve and Barry’s pumps out cheap basketball shoes with Ben Wallace and Stephon Marbury spammed all over them. That Wallace to the Cavs trade just screwed that all up.

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