LINKBAWL: 3/18/08

  • Le Basketbawl would like to introduce The Sports Dollar. We have been secretly working on a blog that is dedicated to helping sports blogs make money. We’ve listed tips and tricks that will cater to sports blogs by using regular money making blogs and tweaking them to the sports world. It is obviously in the beginning stages and doesn’t have much as of yet, but feel free to check it out.
  • Bob Costas called into Deadspin yesterday to clarify the statements he had made about bloggers. He definitely didn’t back down which gave me reason to understand why he is so damn pimp.
  • Empty the Bench on the Timberwolves owner dissing the hell out of Kevin Garnett. Who is this guy kidding? He actually has the balls to rip the guy that made his franchise relevant for the last 10+ years?
  • Just a couple of nights removed from scoring 168 points, the Nuggets give up 136 and lose to the Pistons.
  • The NBA went all out for St. Patty’s day and Ball Don’t Lie is worried, kind of.
  • Cuzoogle running an NBA dance war! I love ending with NBA dance teams.

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  1. loving the idea behind The Sports Dollar – thanks for the new invaluable resource!



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