LINKBAWL: 3/11/08

  • Hardwood Paroxysm put on quite the Kobe Bryant blog day. That will give you enough to read about Kobe to last a frickin’ lifetime and I’m not sure anyone would actually want that.
  • Mark Cuban has officially taken on the blog world!
  • Yesterday we posted an interview with Brendan Kirsch on the return of Slamball. Well he’s also launched a blog to help keep everyone updated with an insider’s view into its return.
  • A basketball blog we weren’t aware of until today and it’s fantastic! Check out The Score!
  • Fast Break Blog wanting what the Rockets are drinking! Must be that Rasberry Cranberry juice with Green Tea Extract Ocean Spray! Err…that’s just me.
  • Brent Petway can dunk, but not like Dwight Howard. Here is someone attempting to argue that he is actually better than Superman.


  1. Thanks for the enthusiastic link-love, Kellex.

    It’s not easy writing the daily Four-Point Play and keeping up the quality, but The Score’s got a roster of writers to keep it going.

  2. Kellex:

    Just a tiny gloat-a-gram and thanks for the link. Love love love the new site.


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