LINKBAWL: 3/10/08

  • TwolvesBlog running the Blogger MVP/ROY Round 8 Rankings. Such a fabulous idea this has been!
  • A Spencer Hawes dunk followed by a cat’s standing ovation? Thanks Sactown.
  • SPORTSbyBROOKS furthering the thought that Steve Nash will be OK if he doesn’t win championship. Somehow I’m not buying it Steve!
  • Respect Kobe on Kobe’s dominance…didn’t he just miss a last second shot?

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  1. Yes, Kobe did just miss a last second shot. But here are a couple thoughts on that:

    1. Kobe was fouled. It was very subtle, but if you watch the replay — I mean really watch it — you’ll notice two things. First, the shot is dead on target, and yet short… by a lot. That’s very unusual for Kobe, and experts will tell you that when a shot comes up that short, it usually means the player’s hand was hit. And second, if you pay close attention (and if the video quality is good enough?), you’ll see that his defender touches his wrist, right as he’s letting go of the ball. It’s very subtle. But it’s true. Had that not happened, that shot was going in.

    But I don’t want you to think I make excuses for every time Kobe fails… certainly not the case, and Kobe has failed before. Which brings me to my second point.

    2. Check out this video. The question isn’t whether or not you fail… it’s when. Jordan failed, plenty. But when it mattered, he succeeded. So, too, has Kobe. Whenever it mattered most, he has delivered.

    Just some thoughts.


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