Let’s Hope the NBA Learns from the NFL – Calling All Guest Writers!

The NFL finally came to a labor agreement. Through all of the blow hards they were able to agree before the start of the season. No football was missed. I have grave concerns as to the intelligence of David Stern. Stern is a hard ass. He is also very pompous. Recently, I read that this NBA labor stoppage could last 2 years!!! Can you imagine two years without NBA basketball?! I hope that the players and the owners realize how that would irreparably damage the sport. Just look how long it took the NHL to recover? Heck, some people will tell you the NHL never recovered. Work stoppages really turn fans off to the sport. The NBA now has international fans (like our favorite North Korean dictator – Kim Jong-il)! I hope the NBA doesn’t let this drag on and enable teams like Besiktas to become household names!

Since the NBA is on strike Lebasketbawl is looking for writers. If anyone would like to do a guest article feel free to contact us. Email kobeofthena@gmail.com and we can work something out. Any topic of basketball is allowed— even the dreaded WNBA. I am having a difficult time thinking of content without the NBA functioning day to day….


  1. Deon Taylor is making a huge effort with the help of Dr.J and his son J.Erving to bring the ABA back to prominence. With the NBA lock out looming I for one and I am sure many others will have every incentive to check out the newly revamped ABA. Looking forward to seeing what is put on the court by Dr.J and Deon Taylor !


  2. I second that. … the ABA might be where it’s at. I miss the days of the red white blue basketballs. This Deon Taylor guy sure reaching for the stars with his film production and now his recent acquisition. I wish him the best, I sure hope the ABA is a huge hit like it was in the 70s!

  3. Ahhh… the red, white, and blue basketball. Those were the days. I would love to see the ABA come back. Hopefully, they will be more successful then the UFL! That experiment is failing…


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