Lebron’s Got Some McNabb in Him

Today is a joyous day. Today is the day the Cocky Cuban  got his title. The day Dirk Nowitzski and Jason Terry got redemption. The day the Hollywood Heat had to eat crow. Even when Nowitzski’s shot wasn’t falling his team was there for him. Terry was stellar dropping 27 points with 11 for 16 shooting. Terry was the focus, the energy, and the desire this team needed to get over the top. Dirk didn’t do it alone but there is no doubt he was the leader. Dirk also had a true coach in Rick Carlisle. As ESPN flaunted Rick was a coach for the now.

I dislike Lebron but I respect his game. I’m in the Chuck Barkley camp. I have despised this fraudulent hyena’s antics since the decision. His coughing antics just solidified my hatred (mocking Dirk).What goes around comes around. The “Cavs for Mavs” T-Shirts proved this…

Lebron showed something to me in the Finals. He got some McNabb in him. I know this because I’m Philly born and raised. I have Eagles season tickets and I watched McNabb play for 11 years. McNabb was good enough to get us there….but not good enough to get us over the top! The vomiting in the Superbowl clinched it for me. Lebron vomited all over  these Finals. He disappeared in 3 – count them – 3 fourth quarters! This is unacceptable from this self proclaimed savior of South Beach. Averaging 17 points in the Finals just don’t get it done. DWade showed up (averaging 28 pts in the Finals) and gave it everything he had. DWade is an vet and he understand the moment.

Truth be told: Lebron is still a kid and still needs to be taught. Eric Spoelstra is not a Phil Jackson and this is hindering his development. Kobe had one of the best to learn from. Kobe even credits Phil Jackson for his mental strength and toughness. My advice: Pat Riley has got to come down from the mountain. Riley has the pedigree and he knows how to handle the superstars. You can’t have a coach with no pedigree coaching this team. Spoelstra made too many mistakes and they proved costly.

The Heat failed. End of Story. The monkey deserves to remain on Lebron’s back. Hell, it took 13 years to get off Dirk’s. The Mavs winning is good for the sport. How would it have looked if the “player’s team” won it their first year together? It looks much better with an aging veteran cast coming together and overcoming adversity. A team working together that truly had depth and believed in a bench. This is why Dirk has a championship. He wasn’t bigger then the team. Lebron should learn from this.

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  1. Lebron ain’t no Mcnabb bitch. Mcnabb was a pussy plain and simple. His mom did all his talking…Lebron’s mom just did all the humping – haha remember Delonte West??

    Lebron is Lebron. People will be sucking his nips when the Heat win a chmapionship next yr


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