LeBron James Fined $259

Your soon-to-be MVP was fined on Monday, but not for anything that happened on the basketball court. LeBron James pleaded no contest to an auto speeding violation Monday and was fined 259 dollars – about as much as the National Basketball Association superstar guard makes in five seconds of play.

The NBA scoring leader was driving 101 mph, 36 miles over the posted speed limit, at 3 a.m. in the morning after the team’s arrival by plane from a loss in New Orleans on December 30th. It just so happened to be his 23rd birthday.

Given James’ salary of more than 13 million dollars and an 82-game NBA season, he makes more than 55 dollars a second per game, so the violation will barely make a blip on the radar screen of his income.

James will be able to afford the ticket. Last year he was ranked as the 46th highest paid celebrity by Forbes Magazine with raking in over $26 Million Dollars a year.

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