Lebasketbawl Called It – Dirk Diggler UP 2-0 !


It’s over and we called it- Lakers down 0-2. I don’t care what my boy Kobe says. The kid, Bynum, is even yapping off about lack of trust. The Lakers are imploding and Mark Cuban is getting a hard-on watching.

 I always get a kick out of the laundry list of A-list stars that attend the Lakers games. Last nights list – Larry David, directors McG and Brett Ratner, Bridget Moynahan, Eliza Dushku, George Lopez, Dax Shepard, Anthony Anderson, Holly Robinson Peete and Jaime Murray. All these stars couldn’t help the malfunctioning Lakers.

In fact the game was never really in the Lakers reach. They shot like shit all night long. Hell, they only had 1 three pointer ALL game and that didn’t come till the end of the fourth. Kobe played hurt. I’ll give him that. But at the end the Lakers looked spent. The age is finally catching up to them (Fisher is 36, Bryant is 32). They have played more playoff games then any other team in the last 4 years. Artest may only be 31 but his style of play has aged him. The years of abuse on his body as turned him into a poor man’s Donovan McNabb. McNabb and Artest share a similar problem – their feet have betrayed them. So what happens when Artest gets frustrated? He takes it out on the smallest guy on the court. He clotheslined Barea—- a pussy play and cheap shot. You know the Commisioner will suspend his ass for that play:

This was very different then the Jason Terry send a message play against Steve Blake. Artest just let his slowness get the best of him. This was sheer frustration. There was no message here except exasperation. The Lakers now head to  Cuban’s lair hoping to at least get a game. I wish them luck because at the end of the day the Lakers are still my boys. Its hard to watch your team collapse…..but it happens to all of us. Their time is up. It is the year of the white man – Dirk  Diggler!


  1. Hahahaha…Dirk Diggler..I love it..but Mark Cuban ain’t no damn Burt Reinolds even at his best hair day

  2. oops i meant on his best hair day..anyways,the Lakers as i checked were 2 for 22 for threes and if Bynum had a good game and not the Spanish sissy plus Kobe is down,not out but still,i quess…what the hell can the rely on then?

  3. Yeah Vinnie,

    My Mavericks are finally getting it. Jason Kidd said in the post game interview with Charles Barkley. They are playing team defense against LA’s core scoring tandem. The Trailbalzer come from behind 23 point deficit win forced Rick Carlisle to emphasize team defensive pressure. I love it. So far so good.

  4. Now back to the wacking of little Jose,to bring the conversation from the previous topic to this one,Kobe i think you should give it a shot and write a piece about “Ron Ron’s new career horizons” cause this ain’t working no mo’.The obvious choice would be the WWE but problem is that it is another league of plugged eyebrows so since ugly tough guys ain’t in style there any more forget it

  5. @mike wildcut Ron Ron’s new career? That would be a riot! I’ll wait till the Lakers are booted and I’ll give that piece a shot!

    @robbo24 – my man your Mavs deserve all the cred in the world. Dirk Diggler is taking over!

    @mike – Cuban in the Finals is ratings gold! Hell, it will be f’in fantastic just to blog about!

  6. oh yea and Cuban NEVER could pull of the Burt Reynold’s hair 🙂 Now as for bravado…thats a whole nother story!



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