What are NBA Blogs Worth in Virtual Dollars?

So I found this website that has a tool to decide how much your blog is worth! Virtual money obviously means nothing but it makes for some interesting chatter. Run your blog or website and see what it says!

Since you can run just about anyone’s site, I decided to throw some other NBA blogs in there to see what this little toy came up with. Here are the results:

DC Sports Bog: $226,380.54

Celticsblog.com: $138,876.84

Blog A Bull: $128,715.12

Need 4 Sheed: $128,150.58

Sactown Royalty: $111,778.92

Clips Nation: $93,149.10

Detroit Bad Boys: $89,761.86

Empty the Bench: $75,648.36

3 Shades of Blue: $70,567.50

Hardwood Paroxysm
: $54,195.84

NBA Obsessed: $42,340.50

The Hype Guy: $34,436.94

Nugg Doctor: $33,307.86

Le Basketbawl: $31,614.24

ClipperBlog: $30,485.16

Golden State of Mind: $28,227.00

KnickerBlogger: $25,968.84

Slam Dunk Central: $24,275.22

Lakers 4 Life: $22,017.06

Str8Hoops: $16,936.20

Some of you have it workin’! The website would not run all blogs and I have no idea what the criteria is for the tool to work other than it uses Technorati’s API, so if I left you off that is most likely why! (And go join Technorati.)

Also if you are completely irritated with the fact that you are on this list, please let me know and I’ll remove it immediately. I just thought it would be kind of fun!


  1. Unfortunately I think that the calculator was made to show how ridiculous the AOL-Weblogs transaction was. I think almost every blogger would admit to willingly selling their blog for the calculated price, especially if they didn’t have to stop blogging…

  2. SML: $0

    Damn, my site’s not even worth fake, theoritical money. I think I’ll commit blog suicide now….

  3. Great! This totally makes up for losing cash at Foxwoods this weekend.

  4. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!


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