LB is Back To Cover the NBAers Running to Europe

I took a nice needed month off from the world of the NBA. I’m back to cover the pathetic NBA lockout. Perhaps, the most hilarious thang to date is the fact that Deron Williams has inked a deal with Besiktas to play in Turkey. Allen Iverson was a trend setter and didn’t even know it. He isn’t the only one to converge on the other continent. One of our local heros, Ryan Thompson, is heading over to Italy to take place in the increased competition. Ryan is the younger brother of Jason Thompson the PF of the Sac Kings. Ryan played in the D-League last year and hoped to land on a NBA roster. However, with no NBA, and multiple players signing in the European Leagues he figures why not take a shot to improve his game.  It ain’t like the D-League is getting any better without the NBA to feed!

 The bottom line is that the typical NBA player hasn’t stashed a large amount of cash. So they are going to be hungry to cash in on any opportunity. Granted, Kobe’s interest in Europe is shocking. But to team up on Besiktas with Williams making a cool 1 million a month—- seems obvious enough to me! Besiktas is turning themselves into a household name.  When push comes to shove I personally believe Kobe is truly posturing and trying to call David Stern’s bluff. Granted, I believe the rest of the mid level NBA players are not. Deron Williams may be the biggest free agent signing overseas but he will not be alone. Don’t forget much of that money comes tax free….

Today was just a taste. Tomorrow is the full buffet!



  1. oh how i love buffets..So Deron is going to Besiktas huh?Can’t wait for his 9.7ppg 3.2 ass. 2 rebs 1.2 steals per.Not cause he’s not capable of better numbers but because he won’t be allowed to do more as a factory robot in the big camp called European basketball.Another waste of…well everything,but the money is good right?….

  2. It’s amazing that the NBAers are getting all this money in Europe…how long is this going to last till Europe gets tired of the rent-a-players?!?! what do you mean by “factory robot” can you gimmie a bit more?

  3. Well i say that cause of the way the game is played,the way its coached and the perception it has over here.Factory robot:each player plays maximum of 28 min to get a 100% from him (very smart..),game is based on flow of passing so not a lot of one on one or creativity or spontaneous plays,based on threes on pick ‘n rolls,whatever needed to lower the degree of risk in order to assure the win,nothing outside the system hence no personality so there you have it.Don’t robots have no personality,no free will and are programed from before to do exactly the task they are there to do?In a factory which is surrounded by capitalistic sponsors,even the names of the teams are based on them,club managers who just want to have everything right now cause thats what they are use to giving coaches deadlines or its their stress,effectiveness the fast way and the whole corporate marketomanagement approach.So?..are these basketball players or factory robots?

  4. And they rent players cause they want satisfaction the fast way,to get them from here to there and then after that do the same thing again


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