Las Vegas Sues the NBA! Barkley Gambles!

Hey NBA, Pay your Bills!

Yessir! The Wynn in Las Vegas has filed suit against the NBA claiming it still owes them $50,000 from the All-Star weekend they held back in 2007. According to reports, the NBA owes for unpaid bills stemming from meetings and convention spaces used by the NBA, NBA Entertainment and Alonzo Mourning Charities.

Wasn’t the big argument last year that the NBA should have a team located in Vegas? Rubbing the Wynn the wrong way is probably not the best way to take on this task. And what the hell is Alonzo thinking? Maybe he should stop playing pool and drinking Tiger Gatorade and focus on his charities’ bills. It never looks good when a charity run by a ga-gillionaire isn’t paying its bills on time.


The Wynn has just come out and removed the NBA from the lawsuit claiming that the only money owed is actually from Alonzo and his charity. “Wow” is all I can say at this point. Nice work Zo! At first I thought the $50,000 was split up between all parties and instead that was just your cheap ass not paying the bills.

Barkley, you Liar!

In a related note, Charles Barkley is also back on the gambling trail! He anted up for a charity poker event just a month or so after claiming his was done for “the next year or two.” The NBA is killin’ it on the strip! At least Barkley is doing it for charity purposes, but who knows where that could lead or what he’s doing away from this charity tourney while in Vegas.

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