Lakers make it 2-2! Wow, Premature again?

Just because the NBA is under fire for this Donaghy thing, I expect this series to be evened up so the annoying basement dwellers can continue with the “rigged” chatter! I’m also going to expect Kobe to put up another monstrous game; possibly even bigger than the last.

Boston has had some time to relax and take in the sunny rays which they never see in stuffy ol’ bean town, so KG and Pierce should come ready to play. The Lakers however, have also had this rest and are at home, sleeping with Vanessa. Ummm. Nevermind.

This will definitely be the game of the series and we may finally get a little extra physical play. I’m talking to you Farmar! I wanted that damn tackle on PJ the other night (Go Yahoo Answers!)and you completely disappointed me. Charlie Ward thinks you’re pathetic.

Really though, you should all be ready for the best basketball we’ve seen yet from either team with all the stars on their top level game. The really sad thing, is that with a game as good as this one should be, it’ll probably come down to a couple of last minute calls which I’m sure is the last thing any of the suits in the NBA can handle. Will David Stern be in attendance? Is Bavetta calling this game?

This would be a great time for Kobe to do something remarkable and take everyone’s mind off of the scandals. Give us 65 tonight Mr. Bryant and we’ll all have a great night.

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