Lakers Make it 2-1! Premature?

Yeah, that is basically me putting it all on the line with a prediction that the Lakers are a sure bet to win tonight at home! (Back to our patented “feel test” for this one.) Don’t you just get that feeling that Kobe drops 40 or 50+ tonight? That Ray Allen and Paul Pierce won’t be on fire? And Rondo won’t dish out 16 dimes or whatever the hell it was the other night? That KG won’t pound his chest 20+ times, instead it will be like 10? That Lamar Odom won’t yell at the ref after each uncontested lay-up he makes? And Leon Powe will actually shoot less free throws than actual minutes played?

It does “feel” like a different day for the Lakeshow and my prediction of Lakers in 6 will still be alive! Just hope for Kobe licking lips, tonguing his cheek, and side smirking all night long if you are a Lakers fan. Hope that Lamar Odom shows up (for once). Hope that Gasol learns to move his feet on “D” (for once). Hope that Sasha isn’t taking last possession 3’s with Paul Pierce in his grill. Hope that Radmanovic isn’t looking for Sasha on those same last possessions and moving the ball away from the best player on the planet. Hope that Vanessa Bryant doesn’t cuss out another reporter in front of her kids.

Keep this series alive Lakers! I’m not ready for the season to be over and for me to attempt to find enough blogging material during my first off season as a blogger!


  1. I can see this series being 2-1 after tonight. It has all the makings for it. Lakers coming back home, feeding off the energy of the home crowd, and trying to simple out score the Celtics. In the same turn I can see this series being 3-0 for all of the same reasons that has them (the Lakers) down 2-0 at this point. I would put my money on defense, because remember the old saying “Defense wins championships, Offense sells tickets.”

  2. I never saw it becoming a 3-0 in favor of the Celtics. They won two straight home games because they worked hard to get that homecourt advantage wiyh early acquisitions to power their roster. Give it to them that 2-0 at their own court. But Lakers please, give us a 3 straight win at home! We believe i you guys. We belive in Kobe amid his scandals and entropy. We believe you are the current player of the World but don’t let us down!


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