Lakers have "Koombayah Meeting" with a "Peace Pipe"

Kobe was fun, airy and sarcastic about a peace pipe during an interview yesterday, but still said “this thing is far from over.” I’m not sure I completely agree with him, but I’m hoping he or the refs can at least extend it out a couple more games.

I will say, as I watched this interview, this doesn’t seem like the Kobe we grew accustomed to all season long. This one has become a little goofy and also seems to be lacking the killer instinct that resurrected an entire franchise. I’ve been bagging on the role players all series long, but when do I start holding the MVP accountable? Now.

It’s time Kobe! How many posts have I written in the last week predicting you to blow up and score 40, 50, or 60+? I wanted something to remember from this NBA Finals, I wanted the comparisons of Jordan to continue because it really pisses people off, I wanted people to debate whether or not you were in the top 5 of all-time NBA players because I love controversy, and I just wanted more damn basketball. If you don’t come out, distribute, score and squirm your face like you mean it I’m going to…cry.

Maybe you should come out tonight in the old no. 8 jersey? Maybe you should put on the short throwback shorts? Maybe you should pull out a newspaper clipping of the Colorado incident? At this point, you just need to do something, Kobe, that will give you some of that fire back. I don’t want the joking, fun, and sarcastic Kobe that is down 3 games to 1. I want the Mamba.

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