Lakers Choke. Boston Laughs.

24 point lead. Best player on the planet. Best coach on the planet. “Becks”, Sharapova, JT, and Spiderman in attendance. Home court. Boston down 2 players. KG worthless. Paul Pierce banged up. Gasol’s hair.

There is your list of reasons why the Lakers should have won last night to tie this series up at 2 games a piece. Were those 12 reasons enough? Absolutely not! This series is OVER. Welcome that title back to Boston! Or should we say, welcome another title to the most dominant sports city on the freakin’ planet. What can’t they win these days?

Anyway, the Lakers looked as pathetic last night as they have during every other game of this series down the stretch. They may have won game 3, but this series easily could have been a sweep by the Celtics. All those role players that led the Lakers to the Western Conference title have completely disappeared. How’s that Gasol trade looking these days? How’s Lamar Odom coming along?

Kobe has been forced to do it all and against a team with 3 hall-of-famers, it just can’t be done. Gasol was supposed to be his #2 and Odom as one of the best #3’s in the league and neither has decided to show up. Give credit to KG, Perkins and PJ Brown because this thing was over before the Lakers ever stepped on the floor. I bought into the Gasol hype and man did it bite me in the ass. I ran my match-up prediction post right before the Finals and had the Lakers in 6…ouch.

The Lakers could come out and take game 5 with it being at home, but unless Kobe has the game of his life and at least one role players steps it up, this thing could be over. Sasha Annoyinchich is the only other player besides Kobe to have a decent game and that just happens to be the game they won. So what could happen if Gasol or Odom pulled their head out? I guess we’ll never know. If it goes back to Boston, (a lot of stress on that “if”) then you might as well start planning that parade!

Congrats Boston on another title in another sport.

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