Lakers Are In The Mix For Melo

Baaaa Bam! My boys have stepped up and have initiated talks with the Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony. The trade (according to ESPN) is centered around Andrew Bynum. Bynum and Melo work from a salary standpoint. The hangup is that the Nuggets have ZERO interest in Artest and Odom. However, if the Lakers could finesse a few good men along with Bynum then a Laker team could possess the aging Kobe with the younger Melo. Could you imagine this new look Lakers lineup?

It looks to lebasketbawl that the Lakers are seriously worried about Blake Griffin’s appeal. They can’t have a Clip be the most popular player in their arena. Melo would put them over the top just like Gasol did a few year back.


  1. What are you guys trying to say that kobe is too old and Blake could take his place in being the most famous player in that area you gotta be kidding. They said the same thing about MJ and…look at the past, look at what happened…you guys just don’t wanna believe that Kobe is the only player in the league who takes the game to a whole differrent level…Kobe will play another 3-4 years and he wants more rings…i believe in him, he is The black mamba !

    • YO Reignman,

      Cousin Paulie and My Man KOBE are on the same page on this one. Bryant is 32 years old and has been in the NBA since he got out of high school. An athlete’s prime years are from the age of 29 through 33, add that to all the miles the BLACK MAMBA has logged and it is just common sense he is nearing the end of his “Salad Years.”

  2. reignman- yup that is exactly what I’m saying. I’d bet my home on the fact kobe does not have 3-4 years left at “this current level of play”. I’m the biggest Kobe supporter out there. I jst see the writing on the wall. Kobe is on a verge of a serious decline and Griffin will be the next big thing. It is the way of the world my man. Sorry to break it to ya!


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