Lakers and Losing- A Shock to the System

Ya’all know that Kobe is my bitch. I love Mr Bryant. Last night he overtook Hakeem “the dream” Olajuwon for eighth place all-time in scoring. Too bad Kobe’s 38 points didn’t help translate into a win. My knockoff second fav team took out my boys. The dismal second-rate Sactown Kings took out Black Mamba and the Lake. The Lakers now stand at 33-14 and are the second best team in the west. That is the part I’m having trouble with – “second best.” The Spurs are 39-7 and are still on pace for my predicted 70 win season.

Here at lebasketbawl I dismissed Jerry West’s comments about the Laker D failing. No longer can I dismiss the great Jerry West. The Lakers D was atrocious last night against the Kings. They allowed Samuel Dalembert and Demarcus Cousins to look like Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem in their prime. That is a disgrace and Lakers fans should be angry. Really angry! How do you allow the 11-33 Kings to embarrass you on your home floor?  The Kings couldn’t even believe they won! Phil Jackson better kick his team where it hurts! The Lakers play Boston on Sunday and they are a 35 win team. In case your counting that is 2 more wins then my vaunted Lakers.

Lets review the box score from last night’s debacle. Kobe – 38 points, 7 assists- job well done. Shannon Brown- 17 points in 25 mins. Nice work off the bench. Artest- 4 points, 2 turnovers- disgraceful! Odom – 4 points in 30 minutes! Stop tapping that 2nd rate piece of Kardashian and get your head in the game! Fish – 20 mins, 4 points, and 2 assists? These are backup PG numbers! Steve Blake- 28 mins, 4 points, and only 2 assists! So the two PGs only had 4 assists? WTF?!? Lets not forget the biggest slacker Paul “Mr Softserve” Gasol – 38 mins, 9 points, and 4 turnovers! He had 11 boards but a 7 foot brick could get 11 boards against the Kings.

This might be the year the Lakers fail. We have been pampered by their greatness but  I no longer see it. They have become mortal. The D is failing, Artest is showing his age, and Kobe is running on fumes! The Spurs are hitting their stride right before the all-star break. I love to predict and I’m going on the record as saying we are going to have a Boston Celtics – San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals. Thank you for your service Kobe and thank you Sactown for pointing out the obvious!


  1. YO KOBE;


    Cousin Paulie can understand you are upset after Your Boys dropped one to the Kings on Friday. But you can not abandon ship like a fair-weather fan! It is okay to get ticked off and question if they are doing the right things, Cousin Paulie does that all the time with the Knicks. But you can not just give up My Main Man. Look at all the lousy Knicks teams Cousin Paulie has had to put up with in the last few years! Cousin Paulie complained but I never gave up! You are BETTER THAN THAT DUDE!

  2. Maybe they under-estimated the kings and weren’t focused in the game. non-focused = turnovers.
    Unless kings had picked up good d on the lakers but kings play d?really?
    so it’s gotta be the lack of concentration from the lakers.
    according the box score you provided, odom and gasol are keys to the loss. As they could have done a lot more than that. ron ron could be thinking about his next rap video while playing, more precisely the girls in his video, i don’t blame him. well cousin paulie is right, there’s still time to make adjustment. my prediction of the final doesn’t have celts and spurs, but lakers vs. heat.
    unfortunately, lakers will win again…

  3. Kobe=FAIL I like!

  4. Stranger, CP, Linda- looks like I’m right they FAILED again against the Boston Celtics. The only team OLDER THEN THEM! I call it as I see it- there window is GoNe – the gen pop just doesn’t realize it bc they are still drinking the purple and gold kool-aid!!



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