Kobe’s Gonna Play in Italy?

As ya’ll know I worship the ground Kobe Bryant walks on. However, I don’t believe his newest threat about going to play in Italy. The funniest part? Danilo Gallinari said he would go play with him. Can you envision a Italian team led by Gallinari and Bryant? I really would believe hell froze over if this happened.

Bottom line – Bryant is trying to hold the line. He doesn’t want “his NBA” to make a poor CBA agreement. He feels a ethical responsibility to the players to make sure that a new deal gets done. By balking and acting like he would go play in Europe he is setting the stage for some “legit” negotiations. Basically passing the ball over to Stern.

David Stern is a pompous ass but he is not a dumb man. He knows that his best player risking injury playing in Italy is idiotic. However, the question is who will call a spade a spade? The NBA knows that this is a poor economy. If there is a work stoppage it will be hard to get the fans to come back. Fans are not going to have a tolerance for owners and players crying about making more money. Lets hope the NBA gets this done quickly and quietly. Something the NFL failed to accomplish.

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