Kobe Lost His Wife

Shocking that Kobe is getting divorced. He was sleeping around for years. I guess Vanessa realized that the diamonds only get so big. That and the girls only get younger. Typically, the wives wait until the career is over. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are good examples. Lets just hope that Kobe doesn’t get caught looking for BJ’s driving down the main drag of Scottsdale, AZ.

This shouldn’t affect the twilight of Kobe’s Career. Especially when he has Meta World Peace playing along side of him. Dare I say the Clippers may be the next show in Los Angeles? That is one scary proposition. The end of the Lakers Era. Mike Brown doesn’t not have the pedigree to carry this aging Lakers roster. Vinny DelNegro has more upside then Brown. The Cards have aligned and the Clip are about to overtake the Lakers.

The NBA as officially been turned upside down…


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