Knicks – A Genius Franchise?

It looks like the screwball owner that goes by the name of James “homoerotic Isiah-Lover” Dolan has turned a corner. He has finally heeded the advice of his senior president Donnie Walsh. By the time NY Vinnie gets back he won’t even recognize this genius franchise! The New York Post columnist Marc Berman writes on page 63 (yes it was buried) that former Nuggets general manager Mark Warkentien has been retained as the Knicks top basketball consultant. Perhaps this finally puts the nail in Isiah Thomas’s coffin.

This acquisition in the front office sets the stage for a Carmelo Anthony acquisition. Mark Warkeintien and Carmelo Anthony have formed quite the cozy relationship. Finally after years of misery the City that never sleeps has got reasons to be excited. Another bona-fide star may be coming to help Amare carry the load. Even if Marky Mark doesn’t pull of the coup d’état for Anthony he is a talented executive who may be the heir apparent for the aging and frail Donnie Walsh.

With a successor now in place the Knicks management can continue to rebuild the franchise that Isiah broke!


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