Kevin Love’s Girl is a Smoking Cheerleader

Most people would not consider this news. However here at Lebasketbawl we feel NBA Gossip is at least as valuable as the game itself. Blacksportsonline is reporting that Kev’s GF is a past UCLA cheerleader. MMMM mmmm MMMM. She looks fine as some good wine. Thank you Blacksportsonline for the great info. Head on over there to see about 100 more pics!

It does make us remember that Kevin Love exists. The play of the Minnesota Timberwolves almost makes you forget he is in the Association. He is a solid player trapped in the loneliness of the Target Center in 2 feet of snow. Cousin Paulie made a great point earlier in this week about the mismanagement of the Wolves. They have the drafting rights of Ricky Rubio. However he refuses to play for them. I wrote a piece on this topic and CP stated:

 It is David Kahn’s fault the General Manager of the Pathetic T-Wolves who made the pick after Rubio’s reps told him not too. To show how unsure he was he then drafted Jonny Flynn with the very next pick. Minnesota only has to look in the mirror to know who screwed that deal up.

The Wolves removed Kevin McHale as the GM and coach last year. They installed Kurt Rambis as the head coach. To be frank it don’t matter what they do. As long as they continue to  practice the chaos theory they will be irrelevant. If the NBA were to contract the Wolves would not even be missed.

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