Kendrick Perkins Knows How To Booze It Up!

With the NBA in full lockout mode, Kendrick Perkins of the OKC Thunder decided to get sloppy.. sloppy drunk! He was arrested in Beaumont, Texas for public intoxication. Can you imagine a liquored up 6’10 280 lbs athlete screaming at you?! He was locked up at 4:17 am on Sunday morning. He was released on a mere $300 bail for public drinking and disorderly conduct.

Evidently, he got a little fired up at a nightclub and tried to fight anyone who came near him. I wonder if there was a bit more then alcohol in his system?! At least he had the sense to not get behind the wheel. I don’t blame Perk for hitting the bottle..

There isn’t anything else going on thanks to yet another billionaire vs millionaire lockout!

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  1. Hmmm never heard about this drink. Looks interesting. Thank for sharing the info.


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