Jenkins to Europe? NBA Officials go Military? Kemp brings the Heat!

First time a top recruit heads straight to the Pro’s rather than College?

It’s true that Brandon “Mr. Hair” Jennings might not make it into college even if he actually wanted to. The kid can’t pass the SAT’s! Well, he failed on his first try, supposedly cheated on the second and is now waiting for his third attempt to be scored.

Jennings – ranked the No. 1 incoming recruit by, and – is considering playing professionally in Europe for one year instead of attending the UA. He would then enter the 2009 NBA Draft.
Today’s news won’t skew Jennings’ decision-making process, family friend Kelly Williams said today. He said he was “sure (the decision) will come after the 11th.”
Just think though, KG didn’t pass those SAT’s and he just won a championship!


Kemp sort of sticks up for the Sonics

Sean Kemp is back to gaming it up, only this time with a minor league team? Or is it just a rec. league? Either way he had some interesting things to say about Seattle losing the Sonics and I’ve got to say that I agree with most of it.

“This is what I think, man,” Kemp says. “I’m afraid that if they bring the Sonics back, what kind of team are they going to put on the court? Are they going to put the effort out?

“If they bring the team back, are they going to really put a good team out there? Or do we just want any team? You’ve got to at least try.”

What I would give to see the “Reign Man” bring home just a few more dunks like these.

NBA Officiating goes Military!

It’s about time isn’t it? Thank you David Stern for pulling your pompous head out of your you-know-what and doing something publicly about this ridiculous referee scandal.

The decision to put a two-star general in charge of N.B.A. referees was not necessarily about restoring integrity, regaining public trust or creating a fresh, independent vision for a besieged officiating program.

The fact that he has zero NBA ties is probably the best part of this article.



  1. Who is Sean Kemp? A relative to the famous basketball player Shawn Kemp? 😉

  2. Its sad to know that Brandon has failed in studies,but its good that he is doing well in sports.


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