It’s Sad When NBA Basketball is Relegated to PickUp Games — Ray Ray Dancing

When ESPN is promoting a Lebron vs Durant pickup game  you know we have reached an all time low with regards to NBA basketball coverage. Is is shocking that Durant dropped 59 points playing pickup and lost? Yawn, pickup ball is as bad as the All-Star game. All they do is showboat to the crowds. This is a sad attempt by the players to attempt to stay relevant while the strike lingers on into its 3rd month. Let me know when “real” basketball starts.

At least I got something to watch during the lockout. Ron Artest has joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars. He has a new professional partner Peta Murgatroyd. I know nothing about her other then that fact she is smoking! With a man as big and goofy as Ron Ron I wonder how well he will do. Artest claim he is “adept” enough to play tight end in the NFL. With a skill set like that he should have no problems winning the “Mirror Ball” for his new partner Peta. I never thought I would be so desperate as to cover reality TV but we all sink to new lows without the NBA. I will be covering Ron Ron’s reality TV foray in its entirety. Feel free to stop back at LB after each Artest dance…

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  1. I watched Metta World Peace (AKA Ron Artest) on dancing with the stars and I have to say he wasn’t good. This is why he is already off the show. I personally don’t think Metta would even survive a quarter as a TE in the NFL, let alone be a factor. Anyone that changes their legal name to something like “Metta World Peace” loses all credibility in my eyes.


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