Isiah Thomas is DeLuSiOnAl!

Which Way DiD he Go? Isiah Thomas is a bleeping nutjob. Hello….I’m pill popping Thomas and I coach in Florida YET I want to run the NY KNicks…and btw I’m right down the street from “the hated one” LBJ. You didn’t know? If Isaih was still with the KnIcKs King James would be in the city that never sleeps. Sure and I F ducks….or better yet donkeys!  I know NY Vinnie has covered this at nauseum but I can’t let this go.

ESPN  is reporting that Zeke still believes he could replace Donnie Walsh when he retires. I know Mr Vinnie has called them the Sid and Nancy  of the NBA and nothing could be closer to the truth. Yes, we all know that Mr Dolan has some sick love for Zeke but if he allows him to return to the Garden all of NY would suffer. Granted, this makes a Lakers fan like myself happy! Alas, I do feel pity for the city of NY. NYC — did you know Isiah thinks about coming back  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Isiah actually attempts to defend his drafting record. He really believes that he has a good record at drafting star players? Hmmmm….lets review. Remember these guys– Vin Baker and Jared Jeffries? Lets not forget the Starbury trade… if I waste my time I’m sure I can find many more disgusting moves.

Isiah continues to ramble in this ESPN piece to explain the irony of fate. The fate of LBJ, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and himself all sharing the same 33010 zipcode. Here is the difference Mr. Thomas – The BIG THREE are still in the NBA ! This is a self-serving pathetic attempt to stay relevant. Shut up, go back to coaching and stay out of the limelight!

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