In Jason Terry I Trust…Finally A Man With Big Balls!

I may be a Kobe lover but I call it as I see it. Jason Terry showed me BIG BALLS!! His cheap shot on the whiny Stevie Blake was stellar, fantastic, old school beat down worthy- exactly what I have been pining for with this NBA! Blake has what I call “short white man syndrome.” Many white NBA players, in particular guards, experience it. They feel like they need to come up barking and yipping to reinforce their toughness. You know what would look tough? Getting up and acting like nothing ever happened. Going to the free throw line and nailing the jump shots with that glare of determination in your eye. Not acting like a hyena and walking up on Jason Terry like a bad ass.

Jason Terry was frustrated and was sending a message. The same type of message that Derek Fisher sent last year in the playoffs (remember the head butt?). The Great Lakers might have been whipping Terry’s team but Terry wouldn’t let the Mavs lay down and die. The Mavs very well may face up against the aging wonders in the post season. They can’t be afraid. They can’t show fear. A point in which he was showing his teammates. It is nice to actually see bravado in the NBA….about time! To be truthful I would LOVE to see more of it.

Now, as for Matt Barnes? He acted like a thug off the street. Barnes is two steps away from landing penniless and living in Camden, NJ – the murder capital of the USA. He would fit right in. In fact his basketball skills could help him sell the crack he will be smoking once those knees finally give way. He deserved his 1 game suspension. He has got to learn on the court “anger management.” Coach Zen won’t stand for those out of control antics during playoffs. In fact I wonder if the Thug will even see playoff time after these shenanigans!


  1. WOW

  2. @Linda – deep down I know you love it…. old school smackdown is where the NBA needs to be!


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