In Case you Missed the News: Don Sterling is a RACIST

Some things never shock me.Donald Sterling is on the record as saying he only rents to “asians” because they don’t complain about the horrendous living conditions of his slums. The fact that this jackass of an owner hosted a “Black History Month” celebration on March 2nd is not accidental. It is his way of sticking it to the black community. I am fed up with the “race issues” in the NBA this week.  Why can’t we just play basketball?!?

First, we have the Stephen A Smith debacle. Then we have the Mark Cuban tweeting the obvious. Now, we have Don Sterling sticking it to the blacks. Seriously? Is it me or is the NBA turning into Pro Wrestling? The nonsense is in overdrive.  The NBA needs to have some race sensitivity training. Enough is enough.

Getting back to Sterling. I’m 32 years old and it has been beaten into my brain that black history month is February!!!! I KNOW Sterling knows this. I also know that he intentionally chose this date. I also think that it is hilarious that he is in print ads with Blake Griffin. Griffin doesn’t “look” black. Hence, why the racist Sterling posed with him. I highly doubt he would have done the print ads with Eric Gordon. Someone please tell me why this man owns an NBA franchise?


  1. NBA is Racist because this country is racist what do you expect?
    And how is admitting underpriviledge children part of black history? I’m confused, forget about the date what about the whole idea? Now I know why I have never met a Clipper fan.

  2. Don Sterling is the biggest tool owner in the NBA. Someone’s gotta check him in the loony bin.


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