I Love Rumors 6!

We’re back again with your 6th installment of “I Love Rumors!” Let’s see what we have brewing around the league this week!

  • Why so many haters on this Shaq deal? The Suns seem to have made some pretty good decisions over time. My guess, is Shaq needed some fresh motivation and he’ll surely get that by being back in the West. Poor D-Wade…
  • Garnett is likely done until the All-Star break and we’re all going to have a ton of pissed off fantasy owners if he decides to suit up it New Orleans! Abdominal strains tend to be one of those nagging injuries that can hamper a player longer than expected. Were we too quick to fall in love with the Celtics?
  • Chris Webber is starting! I keep thinking he is much older than he actually is; 34 years of age really isn’t that old is it? Then why has he been gimping for the last 3 years? Oh yeah, microfracture…good luck with that Portland.
  • The NBA 3-Point Contest at this year’s NBA All-Star game will be fan-lovin-tastic! Kobe headlines a stellar crew and my money is on Dr. Nash and that sweet stroke.

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