I Love Rumors 4!

This week has simply started out a little slow, so we jumped back in to the rumor mill! I love talkin’ rumors especially with so many juicy ones floating around out there. This is the 4th installment of “I Love Rumors,” and is by far my favorite topic. Let’s get rolling on it!

  • Either his agents jumped all over his back or the Pacers organization wasn’t all that happy with his “taking the season off” approach to his knee injury. Either way, we’ll likely be seeing Jermaine O’Neal back this year…not sure if that is good or not for this young team?

  • Sounds like Chris Webber was shot down by multiple teams due to his questionnable conditioning. I think it’s time to hang ’em up C-Webb. Overweight & bad knees is never a good thing for an aging star. Jim O’Brien hatred. Lakers Denial. Pistons Denial.

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