I Got Some Spurs In My Heel…Where the Haters?

The Spurs have lost two games in a row! Where the haters and the national media? When the Lakers lose two games Coach Zen has lost his magic. Kobe Bryant is selfish and the triangle offense is dead! When the Spurs lose two games to the Knicks (NY Vinnie’s alma mater) and the Old Head Boston Celtics no one even blinks. Seriously? I guess I should expect no less from the media pundits.

I am on the record as saying the Spurs are going to win 70 games. I have not wavered on that prediction and I still have absolute confidence in that roster and coaching staff. I also believe that Coach Popovich is one of the greats. Every team goes through mid season ruts. In fact this is the first time the Spurs have lost two in a row. At 29-6 the Spurs are well on their way to a record season. This is the only team that can knockoff my boy Kobe and the World Champions. The Spurs got some serious depth. Besides depth they are playing some off the hook D.

In order for the Celtics to beat  the Spurs they had to shoot 60% from the floor and they still only scored 105 points. The Celts also needed Big Baby to score 23 and Allen to put up 31 and go 13 for 16. Is it possible the national media realizes this? Doubtful! The Lakers are a more juicy story and that is why they attack them like rabid dogs. Add to that the locale of LA VS San Antonio and there ya have it!

The Spurs get a pass while the Lakers have to face the fictious music created by the NBA “bleep storm” over Artest and Jackson having a mano a mano.


  1. Yo KOBE,

    DUDE, the San Antonio Spurs were not expected to do Goongatz this season. Their Big Three have seen better days, Jefferson was a bust for them last year and who ever thought DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal would be putting up nice numbers this far into the season. Now YOUR BOYS were expected to prosper, they have a HUGE target on their backs as two time defending NBA Champions. The Spurs have No Pressure My Man; as expectations are low. But YOUR BOYS are expected to win, if you catch Cousin Paulie’s Drift. It’s like with My Yankees, anything less than a Ring is garbage!

  2. Paulie… I missed you I thought you were hiding behind the trees on the playground. You are right my boys got a target on their back. The same target that was painted on them last year when they repeated. However, I think you are a bit naive if you think the Spurs don’t got no pressure. That is the only act in town and that town expects greatness. They have tasted the same juices Kobe and Crew have with the sweet success of championships!

    • Yo KOBE,

      DUDE; You truly have to stay away from those DRUGS! If you were straight when you wrote this comment you would remember that Cousin Paulie is a happily married man. Cousin Paulie believes you have me confused with one of your neighbors in your neighborhood in East L.A. However you have told Cousin Paulie that you like your life there, with a different g/f every month, or as You put it “The Skank Of The Month Club.”

      Once again you are misinterpeting what Cousin Paulie wrote. Sure the Spurs feel pressure but that MY MAIN MAN is self imposed. NOBODY thought they would be here right now in October. The Lakers though WERE expected by NBA fans and the media TO BE AT THE TOP. So if they lose people get their panties in a knot. The Spurs are plasying with the house money at this point. If they lose they were not supposed to be this good anyways. Your BOYS are expected to do well and when they lose the TRUE HATERS have a field day. Cousin Paulie has too much respect for the LAKERS to be a HATER. So stop getting defensive DUDE and read what Cousin Paulie is writing.


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