How are the Hornets "Feeling" to You?

I think it’s pretty clear that we operate on the “feel” test here at Le Basketbawl, so we’re wondering how everyone is “feeling” about the Hornets at this point?

They have definitely put on quite the show this year and even though I wasn’t sure if they were for real, they continue to prove me wrong. I’m still not getting the “feeling” that they can win it all though.

They almost “feel” a little bit like the Mavericks of 2 years ago. You know, the team that surprisingly rolled to the Finals to face the big dog Miami Heat only to fall short somehow with the series in hand. They have this young core group of players that have gotten really hot lately and everything is flowing so nicely, but in the East we have those cagey veteran Celtics that would love to abuse their lack of experience in an NBA Finals setting.

Now, in no way am I comparing Chris Paul to Dirk because I would expect a fat double slap to the face from every one of you, but I do “feel” like something is missing. I think it has to be experience…oh and they’ll have to go through a certain Laker player.

Let me have your thoughts!


  1. I feel like this Hornets team is really tough and pose tons of match up problems for San Antonio.

    I feel like people are making WAY to big a fuss about experience this year and it is overshadowing the fact that great talent (Chris Paul+David West) and effort can overcome lack of experience.

    I also feel like people are overlooking the fact that Peja (9th year in playoffs), Bonzi (7th year in playoffs), Morris (4th year in playoffs) and Jannero (4th year in playoffs) along with Byron Scott’s Finals experience as a coach and player are all playoff veterans on this team. So what Paul, Chandler and West lack in experience they make up with ability and the supporting players bring good enough experience to keep the team from imploding.

    I feel like the Hornets are my second favorite team right now and since my Sixers are out I am rooting for them to win it all.

  2. I definitely find myself rooting for them and expect them to beat the Spurs, but I’m just not so sure they can get by the LakeShow or Detroit/Boston.

    Veteran superstars tend to outshine these youngsters, IMO.

  3. More concerned with getting past the Spurs and Lakers. If they do I am much less concerned about Detroit and Boston. Boston might not even make it the way they played on the road against a weaker Atlanta team most people expected to get swept. Same with Detroit. Their on again off again style will probably catch up to them like it has the past few years. And I think NOH matches up well against both Eastern conference powerhouses.

  4. I’m calling sweep against the Spurs right now! 🙂

    And actually, if they do sweep the Spurs, I think my opinion on their matchup with an Eastern champion would be drastically different.

  5. Being a Raptors fan I am pulling for Mo Pete. I am waiting for the bubble to burst but man they are good.

    CP, Chandler and West are killer.

    A Lakers-Hornets series would be wicked.

    boooo Spurs

  6. That’s a brave prediction right there calling a sweep. I really hope the Hornets win those two games in San Antonio.

    As for the feel… I agree that there’s something lacking when you look at the Hornets and their chance of winning it all. But hey, they have made a lot of people believe in them after finishing second in the West, beating Dallas in 5, and winning two straight against the Spurs. So I would say that I’m feeling Hornets as this season’s champs!

  7. Yeah it was not only bold, but ridiculous and silly. 🙂

    I’m feeling good on the Hornets, but there is that championship “mystique” missing which I can’t put my finger on.

    I guess I’ll have to keep going with that “experience” excuse which is so annoying. (That’s for you Dannie :P)


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