The Hottest Dance Teams In The NBA

The Hottest Dance Teams In The NBA

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and I wanted to take some time to remember the finer things in life WOMEN! The only good thing about the winter is basketball and DANCERS! After a thorough review, we’ve decided to rank the hottest dance teams in the NBA. As you all know, I am a Philly native. So I had to give the nod to the 76ers Dance Team – The most beautiful women in basketball!

What I respect most is the fact the team did the photoshoot for their calendar in Philadelphia, right on the waterfront. They didn’t need to fly to Aruba, Key West, or the Bahamas. They have such confidence in their sex appeal that they stayed true to Philly! Fresh off a Final Four finish in the Dance Team Bracket Contest, the Sixers dancers know how to get it done. Don’t forget to look at the last picture with a bottle of champagne and a 76ers dancer!

And that is just five of them!

Can we say? Just one night? Pllllleeeaaasssseeee!

WOW! Who is she looking at?

Something about a Sixer Jersey on a woman!

Is it me or did Santa come early?

Hot Tub.. Need I say more?!

Wait.. I think she is reading!

Doesn’t she make Philly look so much better? After all, it is the City of Brotherly Love. I’ll show her some love baby!

Ahhh.. Something about the Jersey Shore and 76ers that is so palatable…

I’m all dressed up. Where are we going?

Ben Franklin Bridge in the background? I can’t see, I’m blinded by beauty!

And what says Philly better then the dance team partying after-hours last April? Man, why couldn’t I have been at that club?

So the Sixers Dance team came in 1st Place! Le Basketbawl’s runner up is the Miami Heat Dance Team. Many have compared them to the Laker’s Girls, but we see them as a notch above. Don’t forget, they finished 2nd in the Dance Team Bracket Contest. (The Clippers were 1st, but we can’t mention them until they win more then two games!)

Charlie’s Angels have some competition!

The pic might be from 2006, but it’s worth the memory!

Women and boots – Need I say more??


A running theme NBA dancers and Champagne…The Heat live up to their name and party away. They are hot, hot, hot!

We can’t give it away all at once, so come back next week for the next installment of the NBA Dance Team Hotties. The 3rd and 4th runners up are waiting to show us their beauty.

If anyone has suggestions for a dance team, let us know and we’ll do a fans’ selection piece!

So to finish off, here are two dancers that deserve honorable mentions. Their teams didn’t finish high on our list, but their beauty can not be overlooked.

Jersey and Boots…We love those Celtics!

Leather and a cowboy hat to boot. Go Blazers!


  1. I don’t know what it is, but I like my women to have abs I can eat a steak dinner off of.

  2. Let me say, this was the best article yet….great pics, makes me want to come home to philly!

  3. nba dancers yes


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