Home Crowds, stop talkin’ trash to Lebron!

For the second time this season a home crowd has cost its team a win against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why would you do this to your precious home team? They work their butt off for you and give you a huge lead, and then you go and tick the man off!

The first home crowd loss came when the Cavs traveled to Toronto and two young women sitting courtside decided to get into Mr. James’ ear. At that point the Raptors were entertaining a solid 13 point lead heading into the 4th quarter and looked to be wrapping up a home win against a strugging Cleveland team; well Lebron had other plans. James rattled off 24 points in the 4th and made sure the two young lady hecklers knew what was happening and it was because of them. They continued to jaw at each other as the game wound down until LJ got in the final words and that being a victory.

The latest home crowd loss came tonight from the fans of the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers led this game by as many as 14 in the second half and then the 4th quarter came and a confident fan decided to jabber at Lebron. Sure enough, James nailed 3 consecutive 3-pointers to tie the game and then finished the Blazers off with a driving left hand reverse lay up. Lebron racked up 17 points in the final period and once again had the last laugh.

When are these home crowds going to realize this is bad, bad idea!? You might possibly be talking trash to the future greatest player we have ever seen! He just ran over Kobe and the Lakers in L.A. and now you, Trail Blazers fans, thought your 14 point cushion was enough to take down King James? You may be having a fantastic and surprising season, but please don’t get so confident that your mind turns into googly mode and decides that Lebron James can’t beat you!

Let this be a lesson home crowd fans to never trash on the King!


  1. fuck off. that was a painful loss. don’t blame a fan like me for a mouthy dumbass sitting courtside.

  2. oh waa LeHype was heckled

  3. lebron owned you


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