Heat "Quietly" Shopping Shaq?

Are the Miami Heat quietly shopping Shaquille O’Neal before the February 21st trade deadline? Sources have told ESPN that may be the case. Pat Riley seems to be playing this one just a little more sneaky than usual.

”I’m not commenting on rumors and reports anymore, but that’s not true,” said coach Pat Riley on Thursday, refuting an O’Neal trade report for the second time in January.

Shaq is averaging a career-low 14.2 points this season, which ranks second among centers in the conference behind East starting center Dwight Howard. He has missed 12 games because of injury. O’Neal could have been voted in as a tribute to his achievements by the Eastern conference coaches.

Missing an All-Star bid for O’Neal seems to be a big deal, but in my book you need to earn your spot. Shaq has always been a fixture and provides a ton of entertainment at NBA All-Star weekend but I just can’t find a reason that his play this season is worthy of a nod. He did say that he would attend whether he made the team or not so hopefully we’ll see him doing another worm or shopping cart on the court!

Who could possibly be interested in that massive contract along with that massive broken down body?

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  1. somebody is willing but are the heat willing to take what the willing team is going want to send back?



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