Happy yet Kobe?

Kobe Bryant told reporters the other day, “I have to take my hat off to Dr. [Jerry] Buss and Mitch [Kupchak] for going forward with this.”

That is pretty amusing to say the least! Wasn’t this the guy that was demanding Andrew Bynum be “shipped” out and that he himself also needed to be traded? I can still clearly hear his depressed little voice on the Stephen A. Smith show when he said he was “done” in L.A. I can also remember the next day when he went on the Dan Patrick show to sort of, slip back away from that initial statement. He slipped so far off that statement that he and the rest of us have almost completely forgotten it!

Everyone in Lakerland is happy as can be these days! Kobe has finally made teammates better and has also received a brand new running mate in Pau Gasol. Haven’t we all penciled the Lakers into the NBA Finals already? And won’t they be taking on the Boston Celtics in what should be a match up for the ages?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if that actually happens especially if the Suns wrap up a deal with Kobe’s nemesis. It feels pretty good to have a trade deadline that includes a few blockbusters!

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