Halloween With No NBA a True Possibility – Preseason Has Died

Halloween with no NBA is a very possible event. This is something I hoped not to see. LB hoped that the idiots that run the NBA (Davis Stern and company) would have realized the importance of settling this labor dispute. I have always equated the beginning of the fall with NBA basketball. Of course, as a kid, I just enjoyed trick or treating. Now, as I have aged, I still enjoy Halloween but I love the NBA. I yearn for those first games. Another year, another storyline— will Larry Brown come back to coach yet another team? Will Lebron ramble about 7 championships then not deliver? Will Shaq dress in drag?  What NBA team will relo this year? I live for the next off the wall predictions from Chuck Barkley. I love to watch my boy Kobe in the twilight of his career. I’m waiting for his game 6 top of the key MJ moment. That has all been taken away from me.

Now, Kobe is buying a Villa in Italy. He is going to play basketball overseas. This is a disgrace. What should be my time to watch basketball has been overshadowed by greed and spoiled brats. I’m not sure who is the worse brat— the players or the owners? I tend to believe it is the owners. They are lead by the pompous man Mr. Stern. Does this man not realize that by not playing ball the brand of the NBA will become irrelevant?

MLB survived their lockout by allowing the roids to run rampant. With the roids we had the infamous Mcguire/Sosa race to 62 home runs. The NHL lockout nearly destroyed that sport. Well, that, and signing a TV contract with Versus. Never heart of Versus till that boneheaded decision. Even if they were the red-headed stepchild for ESPN they were better off there.

Today, the NBA announces they have cancelled preseason. Today, I announce that I cancelled my NBA League Pass. That is the only subtle protest that I can muster. However, if the preseason is cancelled, how much time is left till they cancel the rest of the season?

Lets hope they can hash out their differences so I have more to watch than my 5′ 9″ neighbor lowering his adjustable basketball goal down to 7 feet to show off his windmill dunks!


  1. lol i missed your humor. By the look of it, you might have to book some time for your neighbor’s windmills.
    Haven’t heard the story from the union’s side yet but from what stern says, the union is pretty much playing hard ball rejecting most of the offer.
    Correct me if i’m wrong, but i reckon the players are making too much comparing to other sports. Why couldn’t they have a 50-50 deal and try to make sure the players aren’t the only ones making profit. This might result in pay-cut on players but once the club’s making money, they can work out other deals to compensate the loss.

  2. ahhh stranger nice to hear from ya. Yes, I agree w. what you say. The players are making too much money. The NBA opened their books (unlike the NFL) and that is truly the case. Why they just can’t agree on a 48/52 or a 50/50 split is beyond me. Besides themselves they are hurting US THE FANS…the ones that enable them to make the money they do.

    WE ARE ALL taking paycuts in this economy. Heck, I cancelled HBO and now have basic cable. I cancelled my lawn guy and am driving on bald ass tires. With no raises we all have to make sacrifices. Why do the players not see that?

  3. you’ve set an example for the nba players. as much as i hate to say it, i hope nba’s canceled till the players change their attitude.

    If it is canceled, what would we see on lebasketbawl.com? Players’ on/off court activities would be nice like the cover of the recent d12 bowling event.


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